Lila Afiouni was born and raised in Australia. She studied fine art at the National Art School, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honors in Drawing. Her discipline varies from painting and drawing to installation.

She completed a series of paintings for a solo show titled ‘Interactions’ based on the seminal book by Josef Albers, exploring the relationship between colour and shape. Using the urban and natural landscape as a surface representation of shape and colour, she absolves the elements of their natural function, rendering the pictorial field as a space of spiritual conduct. ‘Interactions’ was shown at Factory 49, Sydney, 2013. More recently, in 2015, her solo show ‘Anagrams from the Subliminal Coda’ at Factory 49’s show space, saw a continued use of seductive and dramatic colour and shape.

Lila was awarded a studio residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris by the Power Institute of Art and Culture. She has been a resident artist both at Root Division, San Francisco and Firstdraft Depot in Sydney.

Of her current practise, she writes:

“I am always searching for a way to define the boundary between aesthetic, meaning and discovery. My love of painting allows me to construct abstract thoughts that are yet unwritten and unknown. Through painting I can establish what cannot be articulated in words as I fashion my own language based on an artificial construct of geometry and organic shapes. What takes place is an interior
thought pattern composed of balance and harmony on the canvas.”

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