Anagrams from the Subliminal Coda

This survey of works takes motifs from the urban environment and repositions
them in a familiar visual code. The works inform a basic structure of images
such as street signs, buildings and configurations of the landscape that are
embedded deep in the psyche. Common shapes that are used in the urban
environment are the square, circle, triangle and rectangle; their spiritual value is overridden by their function in society. I try to resound their beauty and bring them back to the ideal, casting a light on their simplicity and power.
Also addressed in this series of work are the colour relationships in the urban
landscape designed to manufacture codes in the subconscious that signal
specific behaviours. I have transmuted those colours into compositions that
vibrate for aesthetic purpose, constructing each intonation with each pitch a
different value.
As in the past, my concern with colour embodies the philosophy of Josef Albers’
colour experiments. Each work’s relation to another is a phrase that depends upon arrangement and possibility.colour studies 3_watermark2 Anagrams from the Subliminal Coda catalogue